Jenny Bristow

Ireland's good food Ambassador

LL Crafts traditional local cottage industry

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LL Crafts is a traditional local cottage industry in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland which makes to order hand painted crafts. From milk churns to door slates to baby and wedding gifts Louise of LL Crafts strives to paint anything unto anything.

I first met Jenny Bristow at an inspirational event where she was the guest speaker. Jenny’s talk was so Down to Earth and wonderfully creative. I was absolutely delighted when Jenny met me personally. Her encouragement and support has been so helpful.

Asides from Louise’s time at LLCrafts she also takes time to bring others her passion for art. Louise teaches ‘Painting for Pleasure’ at a further education college.

When I first walked into Louise’s home and studio it was quite unbelievable and I was totally amazed. It was like walking into a treasure trove and certainly Louise’s modesty wouldn’t have prepared me for half of it. Her talent is wonderful and it is no wonder the impact her work has made here in Northern Ireland.

Over the next few months Jenny and Louise will be having a few cups of tea together as they swap experiences and notes and hopefully see the fruits of their labours into more culinary delights.

So in the meantime why not check out or simply give Louise a call for yourself on 44 (0) 28 2564 3505.