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Radio Cracker Update.

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Thanks to everyone who supported Radio Cracker this year. Your generosity has ensured that many people around the world will have a little more hope for the future than they would have. The wonderful total of £75,000 raised this year is to be split among the following projects:


This year, Radio Cracker will continue to support TEAR Fund with funds which will provide about 10 new wells in North East Brazil, and also provide training for the communities in health and sanitation and in basic well maintenance to ensure the long term impact of the work.

Mission Africa

One of the most moving parts of the Radio Cracker presentation which has been seen by many folk around Ballymena and district this year has been the report from Nigeria about the polio victims. Radio Cracker has supported Mission Africa in the past to manufacture wheelchairs for these people, setting up a small workshop in the city of Jos, employing 9 local men, and this year Radio Cracker will continue this support with a donation which will cover the cost of 100 wheelchairs, as well as drilling a borehole for water at a Theology College in central Nigeria, and a new well for a village in Burkina Faso.

Smiles Foundation

Two years ago, Radio Cracker gave £30,000 towards the building of a Children’s Centre in Gepiu, Romania. Cracker chairman, Adrian Pogue, was present at the opening of the centre in October 2006, and was impressed by the hard work and dedication of the people involved. This year, Radio Cracker is pleased to be able to provide funds to buy a mini-bus to transport children from nearby villages to the Centre in Gepiu, and also bring local teenagers to secondary school in the nearby town, thus increasing their chances of getting a decent education and a job to help support their families in the future.

Emmanuel Hospitals

Radio Cracker intends to give continuing support to the Priya Hospital as they carry out cataract operations, giving people back the gift of sight, and in addition, help support another Emmanuel Hospital unit in Madhipura, India to upgrade the buildings in the Outpatient Department and construct a Maternity Unit and Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. The number of inpatients in Madhipura has doubled in the last three years, and the number of operations conducted has tripled in the same period.

Gateway Medical Alliance, Morocco

Funds from Radio Cracker will help build and equip a physical therapy centre for disabled children on the north coast of Morocco. It is estimated that about 10% of Morocco’s 32 million population has a disability of some kind. In that culture, disability brings shame on the whole family, and especially the mother. Therefore the goal of the centre is to bring hope – physical, emotional, social and spiritual hope – to the entire family, and ultimately to the entire community. This centre will employ and train young North African women to be physical therapy assistants. In addition, we hope to provide therapy equipment for the centre, kitchen and office equipment.

Other projects

Other projects supported this year include the Christian Family Centre in Namibia as they embark upon further building work at the centre, and also the Pastor Jacob orphanage in India to help carry out sanitation improvements.