Jenny Bristow

Ireland's good food Ambassador

Jenny & John from Orchard Organics – on the McArdle Family Farm in Co. Armagh

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Ask any good chef and they will tell you that being able to cook with good quality local produce is their dream. Unfortunately for most of us being able to replicate that experience at home just isn’t possible. Gone are the days of having a vegetable patch in our ever shrinking gardens, never mind having the time to look after it!

You can imagine my delight therefore when I met John McArdle of Orchard Organics. Based on the McArdle Family Farm in Co. Armagh, John is passionate about Local Organic Food and in addition to supplying Organic Produce to supermarkets the length and breadth of Ireland he has launched an Organic Box Scheme so that we can all have these top quality ingredients delivered directly to our doors. You can find more details at

It has been a real delight for me to have been working closely with John on a range of seasonal recipes using his organic produce. I hope you try and enjoy our first two recipes using fresh beetroot in a lively fresh way and a pudding using rhubarb that will delight many a table over the coming months. It is hard to beat the natural true flavour of these ingredients and now that spring really is here I am looking forward to all the other seasonal flavours this growing season brings.

Together John and I aim to demonstrate good local produce grown organically and with it the added health value that many today are searching for in their quest to cook food free from unnecessary artificial ingredients.