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The Masterclass – Alwood Kitchens

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April 07 is the launch of The Masterclass which will be a series of truly innovative cookery events touring around Ireland where Jenny is delighted to be working exclusively with Wilson and Alfie Briggs of Alwood Kitchens an established and trusted firm of almost 75 years,

These events will bring together Jenny an Ambassador of Good Food,Ireland using local seasonal, prime produce, often organic, farm reared, artisan bakers and honestly sourced ingredients.

Alongside the expertise and advice of Alwoods, Jenny will be using up to date and state of the art appliances with a style that takes cooking into the modern era. Today’s cooking and kitchen have reached a new sophistication with the emphasis clearly on modern appliances geared for everyone taking into consideration issues such as Health and Safety in the Kitchen, disability and environment not forgetting health.

Download Alwood Press Release as PDF

The Masterclass aims to promote healthier food cooked with innovation that includes conveniences and in no way compromises on flavour, with already secured venues such as the W5 in the Odyssey, Belfast, prestigious local properties, Sea Fish events, Corporate Cookery evenings, charity locations both indoors and out.

Alwood Kitchens and Jenny are both very excited by the opportunity to develop and inform in an entertaining way the development of good food and cooking here in Ireland by this Ambassador Masterclass whilst at the same time promoting local produce and its benefits.