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Ireland's good food Ambassador

Balmoral Show – Jenny Bristow Tackles the Credit Crunch.

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Northern Ireland’s ‘Good Food Ambassador’ celebrated chef and author, Jenny Bristow will once again take up residence in the Food Pavilion, this year dishing out advice on how to cook on a budget.

Delivering a series of master-classes within the Food Pavilion over the three days using premier local produce sourced throughout N. Ireland, Jenny will offer her audience a feast of inspirational dishes, with value for money and low cost to the fore using fresh local produce from within the Food Pavilion, demonstrating the wealth of quality produce that we have right here on our own doorsteps.”

Jenny will be looking at Frugal Fare, taking us back to our roots, in making good healthy food choices. Today more & more people are having a go at growing their own fruits & vegetables, and there is no better opportunity to showcase the wealth of produce available.

“Learning how to cook quick, nutritious meals on a budget has never been more relevant,” said Jenny. “With our ever increasing pace of life, people tend to buy pre-packaged convenience meals that are not very nutritious and quite expensive. I will be reinventing for all ages, from jam & chutney making, baking your own breads, low cost meal in bowl soups, wonderful ideas for the Summer Barbeque and new inspiration for starters, main courses and the ever popular deserts. This year we’ll be creating healthy dishes.

Jenny herself is from a farming & rural background and is very aware of the resourcefulness that lies within the farming industry in Northern Ireland. This is a time when everyone is being challenged yet new inventiveness, and creativity is arising though the food industry today.

Jenny will host three master-classes every day and will also be available to answer questions or offer advice to individuals. In addition to live cookery demonstrations, companies exhibiting in the Food Pavilion include: Taylor’s Ice Cream, Mash Direct, Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum, Cooley Distillery (NI), Piece of Cake and Forthill Farm Meats.
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