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Pecan Nut Ice Cream

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5 Egg yolks beaten
25gms (1 oz) Caster sugar
½ tsp. Vanilla extract
125 mls (4 fl. Oz) Maple syrup
250 mls ( ½ pint) Double cream
125 mls (1/4 fl. Oz) Milk
75 gms (3 oz) Pecan nuts coarsely chopped.


Beat the egg yolks, sugar & vanilla, in a bowl until light & creamy. In a saucepan heat the Maple syrup , cream & milk, then slowly add to the egg mixture, stirring well.

When all is added return to the saucepan, heat but do not boil. Allow to cool slightly stir in the chopped nuts, then either place in your freezer or transfer to an ice cream machine and whizz until the ice cream is smooth and set.

Store in the freezer until using.