Jenny Bristow

Ireland's good food Ambassador

About me

Jenny Bristow is one of Ireland’s most celebrated local good food ambassador’s, TV cooks and cookery writers whose cookery programmes have travelled the world.

Jenny Bristow stirring a large pot on a stove

Researching recipes for her new book

Jenny was brought up near Coleraine in Northern Ireland, on her parents dairy farm. She now lives with her husband Bobby and their 3 children at their beautiful farm near Cullybackey in County Antrim which is also the backdrop and location for recording the TV cookery series.

Jenny’s success lies not only on the highly acclaimed cookery programmes, but also as a successful best selling author of 12 cookery books, and reached the Sunday Times No.1 best selling author.

In 2001 UTV broadcast the series “Jenny Bristow Cooks Gloriously Good Food”. The accompanying book went immediately to the top of the local bestseller list, and remained in the top five for an unprecedented seven months. The book was also selected as one of the seven Best Television Cookbooks in English (along with books by Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson) in the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2001.

Jenny & John from Orchard Organics on the McArdle Family Farm in Co. Armagh

Jenny & John from Orchard Organics on the McArdle Family Farm in Co. Armagh

Her unique appeal lies in that she can create new ideas and twists using affordable ingredients that are ready available in any local or high street shop. Jenny has a passion to support local produce and businesses and she is a great ambassador for healthy eating as the way forward to a better lifestyle.

“Off Camera” Jenny’s diary is never empty. Jenny writes regular columns for newspapers and magazines where she enjoys sharing ideas and providing advice to others. When it comes to being involved in helping to promote good causes she is always happy to be of help and is regularly involved in hosting cookery demonstrations and corporate events for food related conferences.

Jenny Bristow outdoors in a large garden with lights and a TV crew

Recording for the TV series

Jenny is currently working on the final touches for her forthcoming series, in which she travelled to New England USA. She was able to identify incredible similarities in both traditions so look out for the feast of new recipes using cranberries, bramley apples, irish pork, squashes, nuts and pumpkins along with many other foods.

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