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Chilled Festive Cranberry Cake

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Cranberries are readily available throughout the winter and are particularly popular around the festive period. this pudding is very light and is a delicious alternative to some heavier desserts. Ingredients 175g/6oz biscuits e.g. digestive almond… Read more »

blueberry trifle

Blueberry Trifle

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Ingredients 6 eggs – seperated 200g/7oz caster sugar 1 vanilla pod 50g/12oz mascarpone cheese 275ml/1/2pt whipping cream – whipped 350g/12oz blueberries 1 dsp water juice of 1/2 lemon 1 hot-milk sponge cake 150ml/1/4pt sherry Decoration… Read more »


Honey, Mustard and Sugar Glazed Ham

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Ths is one of the most traditional and flavoursome ways of cooking a ham. The juices are used to baste and flavour the ham while it is baking in the oven. Ingredients 1 ham (unsmoked)… Read more »


Hot Apple Cider

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A great tasting apple cider that is very simple to put together. It’s a perfect chill chaser for a cold autumn/winter day. Ingredients 2 oranges – sliced Juice of 2 oranges Juice of 2 lemons… Read more »


Chocolate and Blackberry Brownies

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A quick idea that uses one of my favourite combinations – blackberries and chocolate.  Raspberries also work well in this dish.  Use white or dark chocolate – either way these brownies ar delicious. Ingredients 3… Read more »