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Deep Southern Barbeque Chicken

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This recipe can be made with any cut of chicken, breasts, drumsticks or chicken pieces threaded onto kebabs. This sauce can double both as a marinade and as a sauce simply mix the basic ingredients… Read more »


Chinese Style Stir Fried Ribbons of Beef

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Serves : 4-6 Recipe Book : WEB EXCLUSIVE A really tasty dish created for you by Joe and Jenny. This meat is from the Gortinagarragh Farm with a complete traceability system and the assurance of… Read more »


Chilled Festive Cranberry Cake

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Cranberries are readily available throughout the winter and are particularly popular around the festive period. This pudding is very light and is a delicious alternative to some heavier desserts. Ingredients 175g/6oz biscuits, e.g. digestive. almond… Read more »