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Berry Baskets

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A delicious pudding Ingredients Packet of wafer baskets or chocolate cups 110g/4oz of ice cream or yoghurt 450g/1lb of assorted fresh/frozen berries Jar of raspberry sauce or coulis Chocolate leaves & Fresh mint (to decorate)… Read more »


Beef Cooked the Italian Way

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Beef cooked the Italian way is rich and tasty and made with garlic, herbs and red wine. This dish works best when the meat is allowed to soak in the marinade for as long as… Read more »


Apple Lemon & Vanilla Cake

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Lemon and vanilla work wonderfully well together in cake recipes. I’ve combined their flavours in this soft textured apple cake, which can be served either as a cake or as a pudding topped with cardamom-scented… Read more »


A Warm Salad of Beef, Chilli & Ginger

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This is a wonderful alternative way to cook sirloin steak The meat and ingredients for this recipe have been made convienient for you at McGees Foods Ingredients 2 x 180-225g/6-8 oz sirloin steak – Farm… Read more »