Jenny Bristow

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Organic Chicken Delicacy

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This delicious delicacy was created and developed by four enthusiastic Year 10 pupils from Saint Patrick‚Äôs College situated in Belfast. Their highly innovative dish won first place during the Belfast Masterclass of the Create ‘n’… Read more »


Spongepop Square Bites

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This tasty treat was initiated and developed by four motivated Year 10 pupils from Lisneal College situated in Londonderry. The dish won first place during the Derry Masterclass of the Create ‘n’ Cook Competition 2008…. Read more »


Hot Fish and Potato Salad

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White fish is so low in fat and easy to cook. In this recipe I have used a new and unusual kind, Antarctic white fish. However, you can easily use cheaper varieties such as haddock… Read more »